Relocation, Relocation; Why are More Brits Moving Abroad?

There has been a slow but steady stream of Brits heading off into other parts of the world to find pastures new, but why are they all leaving? There is no one single reason that causes a Brit to throw their hands and turn to a foreign land, rather that it tends to be an accumulation of many reasons. A recent poll conducted by YouGov found that an amazing 48% of Brits were thinking about leaving the country due to reasons that ranged from education worries and crime rates to the cost of living, the weather and employment prospects.

For the most part Brits love their home country and a small core of 11% say they will never leave the country, no matter what; while 29% feel almost certain that they will never go. With more Brits travelling abroad on holiday, there is now a greater understanding of what the rest of the world has to offer and of the more than 1600 people polled, an amazing 49% said they already have family members living abroad, which presumably make it easier for them to visit and discover if the new country is somewhere that they could call home.

Of those considering leaving, only 9% of them said they would miss absolutely nothing about the UK, while the top features that will be missed are the beautiful British countryside, the NHS and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the TV programmes.

Often people choose to leave the country because they hear positive stories from family members or friends who made the leap before them. Hearing tales of relaxed barbecues on the beach, year round sunshine and good job prospects can often incite envy and encourage people to pack up and leave.

Having people in the new country to touch base with on arrival can be a tremendous help and go a long way to alleviating homesickness. However a problem that sometimes besets a displaced Briton is an inability to integrate; they don’t feel comfortable with the different cultural values, and of the 4000 Brits that leave the UK each week, some 9% will return to the UK within five years.

If you desire a change in your lifestyle, be sure that you are mentally and physically ready for life in the new country, as well as being financially prepared for such a momentous step! To discuss a move abroad in greater detail and to find out more on the role we at Jeakins Removals can play, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

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