The Rise of the Self-Storage Facility

It’s plain to see that self-storage facilities are cropping up everywhere, and more and more of us are making use of these spaces to store our belongings. But, why?

There are plenty of reasons for the self-storage market to be growing the way it has in the last three decades, but they might not be as obvious to the consumer. Jeakins Removals Limited help shed a light on these factors in our latest blog post, which is informed by many years of experience in the industry.

Increasing House Prices

Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, housing prices are rising drastically and have been for a while – especially in big cities like London. What’s more, these areas are the most lacking in space, which means it is at a premium and we are less likely to be able to afford a home that can store all of our belongings. That’s where the self-storage facility comes in; these spaces allow us to be able to afford to live in the big city, but also keep all of our things.

Working From Home

Something that is also becoming more common is working from home. It’s very modern to be able to enjoy the luxury of working from home, but the idea doesn’t come without its drawbacks. The main negative of working from home is maintaining a separation between work and home life, which is made infinitely easier when you can store all of your files or stock in a self-storage facility and not have to overtake the spare room – or even the dining room – with everything you need for remote working or entrepreneurship.


People are also tending to spend more on their possessions, choosing quality over quantity and searching for that elusive longevity in the things they own. These belongings, then (some of which will have serious sentimental value) are extremely important to us, whether that is monetarily or emotionally. It, therefore, makes sense to utilise the round-the-clock security and additional precautions of storage facilities to keep these belongings safe.

Convenient and Secure

Self-storage is a drastically growing industry – especially in England – which means it is here to stay and we are likely to see more of these convenient facilities cropping up in the near future. The truth is, storing your belongings securely and reducing the clutter of your home is a no-brainer, so the rise of the self-storage facility is certainly justified.

Jeakins Removals Limited

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