The Benefits of Storage During a Relocation

Whether it’s commercial or domestic, moving can be one of the most stressful things many of us go through, so any way to make the process easier are usually welcomed with open arms. Something that you might not have thought of yet, however, is going with a removals company that also have a storage facility.

A storage facility can be extremely useful during a relocation, and Jeakins Removals Limited are going to help explain why in our latest blog. Continue reading to find out more.


Time is one of the ever-present issues of a relocation process – whether it’s that you don’t have enough of it, are spending too much time on the move itself, or if the stars don’t quite align and your timings are thrown into contention for one reason or another. Luckily, the combination of a removals company with a storage facility can quell these issues for you in one, fell swoop.

Firstly, removals companies are incredibly efficient when it comes to moving your belongings and have the right tools and logistical understanding to complete the task within your required timeframe. Secondly, if a removals company is hired to move your possessions, you can spend this time maintaining business as usual – whether that is literally the operation of your business, the maintenance of normal life, or anything else. Last but not least, sometimes things don’t go to plan and your new premises isn’t ready by the time you have to leave your current residence. This would leave you in a stressful, ‘limbo’ state, but a removals company with storage facility will help take care of your belongings until everything is ready.


Safety is something that is incredibly important to us all at all times, and it doesn’t change when it comes to our things. We want to keep them safe both during transit and storage, which is why a removals company with storage facility is so ideal.

With a removals company, you can reap the reward of professional movers to transfer your possessions from one place to another – quickly, efficiently, and safely. You will also have access to a storage facility that is secure, with excellent security systems in place, and the perfect conditions for storing sensitive items thanks to air conditioning.

Finally, there is often a guarantee on this safety as removals companies with storage facilities provide insurance during both transit and storage as an extra – and welcome – layer of protection.

A Seamless Service

All of this comes together, then, to provide a service that is seamless and essential for reducing the stress of your move. There are so many things that are going on during a relocation, so to take some of the sting out of these by trusting an established removals company that also make the most of a storage facility is a fantastic idea.

Having, perhaps, the two most valuable things – time and safety – covered for you will go a long way to making sure the relocation is a great thing, whether it is personal or professional.

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