The Best Landmarks in Essex

Essex is one of the seven ‘home counties’, which grants it the benefits of a variety of different landscapes that now house many diverse landmarks for tourists and locals alike to enjoy. If you aren’t too familiar with the area or are in fact a tourist visiting soon, you might be looking for some of the best landmarks to visit this summer.

Here at Jeakins Removals Ltd, we have been based in Basildon, Essex for the past 50 years, which means we have got to know the area quite well. We have, therefore, put together a list of a few of our favourite Essex landmarks for your next visit.

Hadleigh Castle

Hadleigh Castle is one of the landmarks in Essex that is most steeped in historical significance, with it dating all the way back to 1215. Initially built by Hubert de Burgh, and then fortified by Edward III during the Hundred Years War, not much remains of the caste due to the volatile nature of the ground afoot.

That doesn’t stop Hadleigh Castle being a fantastic location for exploration and relaxation – especially during the summer – with the site boasting incredible views of the Essex marshes.


A landmark that is wholly more modern – yet still as impressive – is Firstsite, which is a contemporary arts organisation but also an art gallery located in the cultural quarter of Colchester. The building itself is striking in stature and comprised of a copper-aluminium facade with a bold, gold sheen. Referred to as the “Golden Banana”, the building was designed by the highly-acclaimed, Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly.

Now, the gallery is home to many exhibitions throughout the year and is the East of England’s main contemporary art gallery.

Beth Chatto Gardens

The world-renowned Beth Chatto Gardens, again, in Colchester are 6 acres of picturesque gardens that were started in 1960 by Beth Chatto, a career gardener, author, and lecturer. The gardens are built on what was once a wasteland overrun by brambles, weeds, and ditches, but now flourish. The Gravel Garden on the site was even built upon an old car park and never needs watering.

These gardens are ideal for people looking for a leisurely time, basking in the presence of fantastic flowers, plants, and shrubbery.

Something for Everyone

Essex, then, is packed with landmarks that are suitable for all members of the family and charming in their own, unique ways. We have yet to even scratch the surface with the things to see and do in this area of east England, with there also being places like Colchester Zoo, Audley End House and Gardens, and much more.

To truly appreciate the diverse and spectacular sights – historic and contemporary – you might even need to spend more than a long weekend exploring and taking it all in!

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