Five Most Popular Places to Emigrate to in the World

Are you considering starting a new life abroad but are undecided as to the destination? As well as enlisting the help of our international removal services, you’ll need to know exactly where it is you want to escape to for the greener grass on the other side.Continue reading to learn about the most popular countries to emigrate to.


Australia has a long immigrant tradition, as the country was founded by large group of European settlers, including many British families. This country is particularly appealing to those looking to emigrate from the UK given its low population density and pleasant climate. Job prospects are good for young professionals, and retirement visas are available to those aged 55 and above.


Those who want to start a new life abroad while staying close to the UK should consider moving to France. If you ever need to go back home to visit family, friends, or to attend special occasions, flights and high speed trains are plentiful and cheap. The excellent healthcare and social security system are other advantages.


Spain has been a favourite holiday destination for the British since the 1960s, and many have decided to move to this Mediterranean country for good. As a result of the economic crisis, property prices have dropped significantly, even in desirable areas like Malaga, Alicante, or Barcelona. Many expats choose Spain due to its excellent weather and the fact that there is no need to arrange visas in order to stay permanently in the country.


British expats in Canada often mention that the transition period was relatively easy, due to the influence of British culture in daily life in Canada. You won’t have to deal with language barriers here, and those looking to build a career are in luck, since Canada has significant labour shortages and qualified professionals can find a well-paying job in little time.

South Africa

More than 220,000 British expats live in South Africa. The country attracts immigrants with its low cost of living and beautiful natural landscapes. Visas are inexpensive, especially for retirees, who can apply for a four-year residency permit for just £35.

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