Top 3 Most Difficult Items to Move When Relocating

Moving home is known to be one of the most stressful events in our entire lives, with one of the worst parts often being the method of removing all of the belongings in your current home.

There are however some items that can make the move even more stressful because they are difficult to move, either due to their delicacy or because they are awkwardly shaped and heavy. Detailed below are a few examples of some of these more difficult items to move;


Artworks tend to be fairly fragile, and can lose an immense amount of value if damaged or broken. It is best to invest in some sturdy packing crates that are designed specifically to move pieces of art. These boxes are resistant to temperature fluctuations and should, with the aid of newspaper or bubble-wrap, help your masterpieces make the journey safely.


Plants are living things and, like animals, some travel well while others have a hard time adjusting. The best way to move plants is as quickly and gently as possible so they are not cramped in a dark hot truck for too long. If you have very big plants that are known to be poor travellers, if it perhaps a good idea to take a cutting and propagate it in the weeks before the move. At least that way you will not lose your plant altogether if the parent plant suffers a decline following the move.

Big and bulky items

An immensely sized sideboard, the luxurious king-size bed and the spare room wardrobe are all large and bulky pieces of furniture. Not only is it quite difficult to get these items in and out of the house, it is hard to pack them into a moving van, especially if you are doing all the work yourself.

Where possible, break furniture down – modern furniture is often designed to break into two or three manageable pieces for ease of movement. If this is not possible, it is best to carefully plan the move in full, including the order of loading and unloading. Large bulky items should be loaded first, leaving space around them for smaller items, whilst wooden items should be covered with bubble wrap or blankets to prevent them becoming scratched.

On arrival at the new house, the smaller items should be placed somewhere out of the way, until the large bulky items have been fitted into place.

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