Our Top 10 Moving House Tips For a Smooth Move

We know moving home is a stressful situation, trying to organise and pack up every single item you’ve ever acquired is a daunting task to think of. Some of us are super organised and know exactly where to start, the rest of us are left baffled by the task, which is why it’s always useful to have some handy moving house tips to keep you on the job. If packing isn’t for you, then visit our packing services page and we’ll be happy to do the hard work for you.

It’s a question all of us have faced before, ‘where do I start?’, well fear not, as we’ve put together our top 10 moving house tips to get you prepared for the big day.

Start early. Avoid the last minute stress of packing and start early. Once you know your moving date, start packing the easiest things you know can easily be put away. The more time you have the better and the easier it is to plan.
Pack one room at a time. It’s easy to get caught up in packing and to start placing things away in boxes in each room, it might seem quicker to cover more ground but don’t be fooled. Focus all your attention on one room, it’ll help you pack quicker and advise the movers which boxes are for which room.
Declutter. We’re all guilty of it, collecting unnecessary bits and bobs and nik naks we don’t need. If you don’t need it, then throw it away. It’ll save you a ton of space.
Start with the easiest room. This might be your office, spare room or garage, but packing away the items you use the least means you won’t have to go hunting through the boxes again if you need them before the move.
Don’t overpack. There’s no need to cram as much stuff as possible into each box. Make sure you have plenty of boxes and pack them so you’re able to comfortably carry them.
Label each box. This is one of the most important moving house tips we can advise! Don’t forget which box correlates to which room! There’s nothing worse than having to open each box to see where it belongs.
Fill spaces in each box. If you’ve packed all your kitchen china in one box, one handy trick is to fill the gaps with newspaper.
Pack heavy boxes at the bottom. Make sure your light and easy to lift boxes are on the top when stacked in your moving vehicle. Heavy boxes on top will crush the items underneath, potentially breaking them.
Create an essentials box. Pack your overnight essentials in a dedicated box, one small enough to keep all your morning items in ready for waking up in your new home.
Redirect your post. Finally, to finish off our moving house tips list is to use The Royal Mail’s Postal Redirection service, so any mail being delivered to your old home will be redirected to your new one.

If you’d like more moving house tips or require an efficient and professional removal service then visit Jeakins Removals contact page and fill out our contact form or callback request form, and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

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