Moving Checklist: Last Minute Reminders

We know the story – you think everything is boxed, packed and you’re pacing around the house checking everything is done and you haven’t forgotten anything. It’s a stressful final moment in your old home and something that’s pretty much impossible to avoid. However, we’ve put together a handy last-minute moving checklist to make sure everything is finally done before you hand the keys over.

1. Confirm the date. The most important task on our moving checklist is to know when the moving date is. Double check your calendar and contact your chosen removal company to confirm dates and times.
2. Declutter. It’s time to be brutal, but sometimes it’s necessary. Throw out whatever you truly don’t need.
3. Arrange your children’s school start date. Ensure all the correct files are transferred and that their school uniform is bought. Try to choose a Monday for their start date if you’ve moving at the weekend so they don’t miss a day.
4. Measure your new home. Something many of us forget, which is why we’ve included this on our moving checklist. Take as many measurements as you can so you can order all the correct sized furniture, ready to be moved in on the day.
5. Perishables. If you have any frozen food that can be used, start using it and cut down on your food supply as this will dramatically reduce how much needs moving.
6. Begin packing. It’s better to start sooner rather than later and the quicker it’s done, the better!
7. Change of address. Contact your local post office and advise them of your new address and all your mail will be forwarded to your new home.
8. Label. Check every box is labelled with a designated room. This will save you endless time and will help you to find what you need.
9. Contact important parties. Probably the most time consuming on our moving checklist, but it’s important you don’t forget to let everyone who provides your utilities, your home and car insurances, your employer, your bank and credit card companies that you’ve moved address.
10. Book time off. Make sure you’ve booked plenty of time off work to complete your move.
11. Pack your suitcase. Pack your essentials, cleaning products and work clothes so you have them to hand for the next few days during the move.
12. Inventory. Check everything has been moved into your new home and nothing has been broken. If you’re happy then go ahead and pay the removal company.

Our helpful moving checklist should be everything you need to complete your move and settle into your new home! Of course, there will be other things you may want to check if your own pets as well, however, we hope it’ll help you with your move. If you’re looking for a removal company to help assist you into your new address then contact Jeakins Removals on 01268 414 979 or fill out our contact form, and our friendly team will be in touch to arrange a date.

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